Agreement Policy


We take this opportunity to thank you for choosing us as your Professional Recruitment Consultant for your Organization, XYZ, Address. Please find our terms and conditions below.

1. During the terms of this agreement, when required we will assist the company in short listing by professionally qualified individuals for possible employment opportunities with the company.

2. For all recruitments into the company our professional fees will be: 7.5% + service tax on CTC upto 5 lacs. 8.33% + service tax on CTC above 5 lacs and upto 10 lacs. 11% + service tax on CTC above 10 lacs and upto 15 lacs. 12% + service tax on CTC above 15lacs

3. Payment of the Consultancy Fee to be made by the company within 30 working days.

4. Replacement period is 90 days from the date of joining of the candidate.

5. We require a copy of candidate's appointment letter before candidate's joining.

6. We shall keep and treat as strictly confidential at all times, all information relating to and/ or in respect of the company obtained by, or made available to us.

7. After receiving any CV or contact details (Ph. No, address, E-mail id) from us. If the company or any other concern (who are associated with and/ or depended to the company by the means of sharing any resources like Manpower /Technology /Capital Investment / Office Infrastructure etc) recruits the candidate within 1year (if not recruited immediately). The company remains liable to make the full payment to us within the stipulated time as mentioned in Clause No.4

8. We are not responsible for any loans or advances given to our candidates without our consent.

9. The terms & conditions will remain valid for 12 months from the date of your acceptance.

This proposal is valid for next 30 days. Please return us one copy of this proposal, signed by the authorized signatory of your company and stamped, as an acceptance of this proposal.

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